Posh Corps

Documentary, 75 Minutes, 2014

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Posh Corps is a film that documents the modern Peace Corps experience. Many films have been produced regarding the sociopolitical implications of the U.S. Peace Corps as a program. Posh Corps was the first film to focus on the lives of volunteers themselves. It was the first film to capture the experiences of Peace Corps volunteers during their service in their host communities. It has become an unofficial reference for prospective volunteers.

After screening the film at festivals and universities around the United States, I made the film the centerpiece of a larger Peace Corps media platform, which includes podcasts, short documentaries, and articles from volunteers around the world.

...there is no doubt that the film will deepen understanding of the modern day Peace Corps and serves as a welcome contribution to the fulfillment of Peace Corps goals.
— National Peace Corps Association
This film provides valuable information and offers a unique glimpse into the life-changing impact of Peace Corps volunteers.
— Booklist

Film Summary:

For fifty years, the US Peace Corps has been sending American volunteers to developing countries around the world to teach skills, and build relationships. As these countries develop, capitol cities become modern enclaves, while rural villages struggle with the cultural strain that accompanies rapid development. Volunteers today are serving right at the intersection of traditional and modern influences. The film focuses on Peace Corps volunteers in South Africa, which is one of the most iconic examples of this shifting Peace Corps experience. The struggles of Peace Corps Volunteers in South Africa provide a glimpse of the future for volunteers throughout the developing world. Their stories demonstrate, that the need for Peace Corps does not end when countries become more modern... in fact, the need becomes more pressing than ever. Posh Corps is a film for anyone who wants to volunteer abroad, or for anyone who wants to catch a glimpse of the volunteer experience in a rapidly changing world.