VIDEO: Can Humans and Lions Get Along?

I produced this short documentary about lion conservation in Kenya with Nani Walker. It was published by The Atlantic in 2018.

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I edited this short film about Vietnamese actor Phan Anh's visit to Kenya. Phan Anh visited national parks and rhino conservancies around Kenya to learn about the illegal rhino horn trade. The film screened in theaters and was broadcast on Vietnam Television in April 2018.



PHOTO: South Pacific Photography

I spent three months in New Zealand, Fiji and Kiribati researching climate change and migration in the South Pacific. I took these photos from June through August, 2017.

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VIDEO: Graffiti Photographer

I shot and edited this short film about a graffiti photographer in October 2016.




VIDEO: Port of Oakland Divers

The Port of Oakland divers maintain the vast underwater pile system at the port. I shot this video for KQED News in November 2015, and edited the piece with Adam Grossberg and Susan Cohen.




WRITING: Trump Piñata Sales Soar in SF’s Mission

Deport Trump. That’s the statement that stops pedestrians in front of Casa Bonampak at 1051 Valencia St. But it’s not just the sign that catches the eye. All day long, people are stopping outside the Mexican art and craft store to gawk at Trump piñatas.

With their tiny hands and oversized empty heads, the Trump piñatas are a perfect likeness of the Republican candidate who says he’ll build a wall between the United States and Mexico. The figures are works of art. Their crafted immobile faces seem dynamic, as if they were frozen right in the act of saying something derogatory about Mexicans.

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WRITING: Vallejo artists who sought refuge from Bay Area housing crisis fear displacement once again

Burglary, vagrancy and grand larceny are the charges listed under photos of alleged Vallejo criminals. With defiant eyes and grim expressions, they look like rough characters. But, these aren’t wanted posters hanging in the post office. These are art pieces displayed at The Works, a screen printing studio in historic downtown Vallejo.

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