Planning to visit Lombard Street? San Francisco is implementing a toll to drive through

Published 2019 - The Sacramento Bee
I produced this piece about a toll for driving on Lombard Street in San Francisco with Sawsan Morrar.



Battle over phosphate mining roils small Fla. town

Published 2018 - PBS Newshour
I produced this short news piece about phosphate mining in Florida with Laura Newberry.



Can Humans and Lions Get Along?

Published 2018 - The Atlantic
I produced this short documentary about lion conservation in Kenya with Nani Walker.




Humboldt County Reacts to Prop 64

Published 2016 - Kjarninn
I produced this short documentary about the reaction to the legalization of marijuana in Humboldt County CA with Anna Marsibil Clausen.




Exploring the Bay Area’s Hidden Tunnel Art

Published 2016 - KQED / Mission Local
A short documentary about photographer Scott Finsthwait.




Small Team of Divers Helps Keep Port of Oakland Running Smoothly

Published 2016 - KQED
A news video about the Port of Oakland divers. I produced this video with Adam Grossberg and Susan Cohen.




BART Then and Now: Still Running After A Million Miles

Published 2016 - KQED
I produced this video about the aging BART fleet with Adam Grossberg.