JSK - Work Sample 1 - Human-Lion Conflict in Kenya

Published in Earther and the Earth Journalism Network

In the spring of 2017, armed men burned several lodges at conservation ranches in Laikipia County, Kenya. The men were Samburu herders from Northern Kenya. Some 10,000 traditional herders drove over 100,000 head of cattle into private conservancies seeking grass for their animals. Grazing lands in Northern Kenya were severely stressed due to over-grazing and an extended drought.

For Steve Ekwanga, a lion researcher with the Laikipia Predator Project, these invasions are just another challenge. Steve explains that lions and humans in Kenya are in constant conflict. Shivani Bhalla, the founder of Ewaso Lions, describes her work in Samburu County to mitigate this conflict. Samburu pastoralist Namasi Namantil describes the frustration of raising livestock near lion populations.

This video was produced by Alan Toth and Nani Walker in Kenya in March, 2017.