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VIDEO: Battle over phosphate mining roils small Fla. town

Published 2018 - PBS Newshour
I produced this short news piece about phosphate mining in Florida with Laura Newberry.



AUDIO: Mefloquine Podcast

Mefloquine is an anti-malarial drug that has been prescribed to Peace Corps Volunteers since 1989. Mefloquine is effective at preventing malaria, but some believe that the adverse side effects of the drug may be just as dangerous as malaria itself.



AUDIO: Kiribati Podcast

Kiribati (Keer-ree-bahss) is a nation composed of 33 coral atoll islands spread over a vast area of the Pacific Ocean. Like many Pacific island nations, Kiribati is severely impacted by climate change and rising sea levels. Though Kiribati may not be completely submerged for another fifty years, the effects of climate change may soon render the islands uninhabitable.