Alan Toth is a video producer and editor based in San Francisco. His short film Mining Phosphorus was a finalist for the 2018 Student Academy awards, and a version of the film was broadcast on PBS Newshour.

His feature documentary Posh Corps chronicled the experiences of Peace Corps Volunteers in South Africa as they struggled to be helpful in a rapidly changing country. The film screened at universities around the country and at USAID headquarters in Washington D.C. It has become an unofficial guide and for Peace Corps Volunteers around the world.

Alan’s work has also been published by The Atlantic, KQED and the Sacramento Bee. He has produced video in Africa, the Caribbean, and the South Pacific. He has a Masters in Journalism from UC Berkeley's Graduate School of Journalism. He has a Bachelor of Science in Multimedia from the Art Institute of Portland. He also studied media and communications at the University of Auckland in New Zealand. 


Mining Phosphorus  -  Documentary Short  -  Director/Producer/DP/Editor
     2018 Student Academy Awards finalist

Những Kẻ Sống Sót của Phan Anh  -  Documentary Short - Editor

Hale - Documentary Short  -  Cinematographer
     2017 Student Academy Awards winner

Under Our Skin 2  -  Feature Documentary  -  Assistant Editor

Posh Corps  -  Feature Documentary  -  Director/Producer/DP/Editor




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